Today, September 11th, 2001, the people of the United States were given a rude awakening. We were attacked by an unknown assailant and were suddenly aware of our vulnerability.
The American people have become too comfortable with the thought that, as one of the most powerful super powers in the world, no one would dare to attack us. Never before has there been an attack like this on the mainland United States.

As people watched in horror, the events of the morning fear and questions filled their minds. Perhaps apathy has been our mantle for too long now. WE ARE VULNERABLE!! WE CAN BE ATTACKED!! WHAT IS NEXT??

As I sat in the lobby of the medical center waiting for my doctor to see me, my husband sat there watching the television. I was filling out forms and heard him say "Oh My God, a plane just crashed into the World Trade Center". No one thought terrorism at first, just that it was a terrible accident. Several nurses and technicians came out to see the newscast. When a few moments later another plane hit, and then later the plane hit the Pentagon, moods and lightness of attitude changed. Everyone seemed to listen harder and ask themselves what had happened? Seeing is believing they say, but no one could believe this horrible thing was happening. Myself included.

So many things raced through my mind. Most of my family is still up in Connecticut, so close to New York City. Connecticut is the home of the Groton Naval base, Sikorsky Aircraft, and several munitions companies. My first thought was, what if "they" attack CT to take out these places? Quickly I was reminded that here in SC, we are situated between Shaw Air Force Base and Fort Jackson. We could be targeted too! I realized that if this is to be an all out attack, no one is really safe anywhere.

After returning home, we sat glued to the television absorbing every bit of news and taking in all of the horrors as the video tapes and photos were shown. Then came the announcements this church and that church would be holding services for anyone who wanted to pray. Pray for the victims, pray for the families, pray for America.

One thing that I did notice in all of this is that once again, the people of America have rallied together as Americans. Strangers who normally wouldn't speak to one another, having nothing in common, were talking and comparing theories. Suddenly there were no ethnic differences, there were no differences in social standings, everyone was an American wondering if we are going to war, and wondering if this is to be our end.
I saw this same thing happen during Desert Storm and my faith in mankind was restored, at least temporarily.

My Grandfather fought in World War I, my Father in World War II. My brother and my husband, and countless friends fought in Viet Nam. My husband's nephew fought in Desert Storm. They fought for their country, for the freedom that we take so literally and so much for granted. What if this is another war? A whole new group of young patriots will put their lives on the line to defend the United States of America. I have a nephew, and two young cousins who are "of age" to be called into service. I have prayed all day long that this is just an isolated incident and that it will not come to war.