As we listen to the newscasts, and we hear the speculations as to "who is responsible" for this insanity, we have to remember that if we are to remain a free country and a free people, that there is a price to pay for it. Being free has cost so many so much, but the American people are proud, loyal and will fight for their freedom. No price is too high. We as citizens of this great nation, must remember to pray for those who defend our rights. I hope with every fiber of my being that this is an act of terrorism and that will be the end of it. No one WANTS war, but if it is to be, then we must pray. We have to put our faith in God and pray for the safety of those who put so much on the line for us.

This evening we went to our church to say a prayer. I know that you can pray anywhere, it doesn't have to be in a church, but the severity of the day, just called us to church. Our Pastor had three pillar candles set on a table by the door, one red, one white and one blue. On the steps of the altar, lay a red white and blue bunting, and a single candle burned on the altar.
Earlier in the day, my husband said that if he weren't so crippled up with his back injuries, he would go and fight if they needed him. I watched his face as he prayed. All day long he had been reminded and haunted by the memories of Viet Nam. I could see it in his eyes. I could see it as he prayed. After we had prayed, we got up to leave and he stopped. "Wait," he said, "there is something that I have to do". He walked up the aisle and crossed to the statue of Our Lord Jesus, where the prayer candles are set. He lit the candle, and knelt down and prayed. I waited for him, knowing that this was something that was between Jesus and him. I watched him as he prayed, head bowed and still as the statue in front of him. Then he looked up at the face of Jesus and blessed himself. Before turning around, I saw him brush a tear from his cheek. "We don't need another war." he said and we left the church and didn't speak of our prayers.


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